Ellendale West Alluvial Project

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The Ellendale West Alluvial Project

The company is in the final stages of preparing for the 2021 – 2022 Field Season.

We are obviously very focused on making up for the valuable exploration time lost from September 2021 through to the eventual onset of the Wet Season. The loss of time is calculated from when the wet season actually impacted the safe access/egress to the EWA prospect, which was determined as the end of December 2021.

Our ability to return to the site was not approved by the DMIRS until April of 2022, this timing of an additional four (4) months cannot be added to any lost time due to the fact we did not have access anyway and generally would not have planned to allow about two (2) weeks either way for the start/finish for any one season.

The calculated loss of just shy of four (4) months therefore had an adverse impact on our pre- approved funding set aside for that seasons budget. The net resulting impact is actually more manifest in the loss of timing and opportunity within the original exploration forecast as opposed any the loss monies set aside fund but clearly came at a cost, nonetheless.

The numbers for this are in the annual financials if any SHM is interested in knowing but will not be divulged in this forum for obvious reasons. These are available for circulation to SHM only, via an electronic mail communication addressed to the Company Secretary @ the following email address:

We are advised by the WA BOM that the latest forecast for the current wet season should mean our Field season will likely commence by mid to late April 2022. Planned activities & critical procurement for the 2021-2022 Field Season, are as follows:

NB# If ticked it is already completed!