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GM Statement

A message from the General Manager

This site is intended to be as informative as far as practicable across most facets of the business, exclusive to our Shareholding Members.

It includes an interactive forum for you to ask questions about our past, current and future on the ground, field operations and or company progress in general. As the responses to all questions will come directly from the source (GM/BOD) you can expect an answer within a reasonable timeframe.

A lot has changed since the inception of the company in July of 2018 to the granting of the EWA (EL 04/2544) tenement in late 2019 to the beginning of our exploration journey in 2020. Some of the negative impacts we encountered are contributed to that which we might have reasonably been expected to control, be they unforeseen or otherwise. The considerable challenges of the last eighteen months in particular stand as a testament, to the rapidly changing and at times hostile, volatile world we now live in. 

However, through our endeavours, we have prevailed and is the measure of how we will continue to move forward, focused on a positive and favourable outcome for our SHM, wherever that opportunity prevails. We thank you for one and all, for your continued patience and support.

Yours Faithfully,

Colin J McCumstie

General Manager


On behalf of: The Board of Directors

West Kimberley Diamonds Pty Ltd.

BSP2 Original Site
DG recovery begins at BSP2
Stockpile 2 recovery of DG's
AquaGeo conducting MS Survey on BSP2
An Australian Company

About West Kimberley Diamonds

West Kimberley Diamonds Pty Ltd is a 100% privately owned Australian company.

Our Focus

A dedicated diamond exploration and mining company, creating value for our shareholders through our local knowledge, community association, recognition of traditional landowners and the environment.

Our Project

The Ellendale West Alluvial Project

We are obviously very focused on making up for the valuable exploration time lost from September 2021 through to the eventual onset of the Wet Season. The loss of time is calculated from when the wet season actually impacted the safe access/egress to the EWA prospect, which was determined as the end of December 2021.

Examining Pothole on EWA
Diamond Recover Services, Principal Bill Houwen Observing Processed Gravels for Recovery of Rough Diamonds